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The philanthropic investment company working for an ethical, regenerative, and profitable agribusiness sector in Africa.

We are dedicated to sustainably develop the African agribusiness landscape by blending non-profit principles with sound investment strategies to create a lasting impact.

Challenges of the African agribusiness industry

Africa agri-SMEs financing gap graph

Africa faces significant challenges in its agribusiness sector, including food import dependency, structural weaknesses, and a glaring financing gap for Agri-SMEs. Despite the sector’s critical role in employment and GDP, only a fraction of needed financing is met, leaving vast potential untapped. In addition, the region grapples with the escalating impacts of climate change, necessitating a focus on climate resilience. AlphaSeeds believes in an investment-driven development approach over traditional aid, focusing on creating local jobs with fair remuneration within socially and environmentally respectful frameworks.

83% of needed financing of Agri-SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa is unmet. There are ~130 thousands of Agri-SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa. The current articulated demand of Agri-SMEs is estimated at approximately USD 90 Bn annually in Sub-Saharan Africa of which only USD 15.5 Bn is currently met. Even though agriculture employs up to 60% of the population and accounts for 30% of GDP but the sector receives less than 5% of commercial bank lending and this money only goes to the top of the pyramid.

Join us in fighting these challenges with sustainable and impact investing!